Hearing Test

As a premium private hearing practice, Regency Hearing undertake a more thorough set of assessments than you’ll find elsewhere.

Your hearing test with Regency can take up to two hours, during which time we will examine your ears and evaluate your hearing using the very latest audiological techniques. More extensive testing provides us with more accurate results, and this pays dividends when it comes to choosing and fitting the right hearing device for you.

A hearing aid is only ever as good as the information programmed onto it by the audiologist who fits it.



We will need to discuss any family history of hearing loss, and if any medication that you have ever taken could potentially have affected your hearing.

We also need to understand if a cold or infection could be affecting your hearing on the day of the assessment.

Any operations on, or conditions of, the ear should be discussed at this stage too.

Video Otoscopy

We will then move on to a thorough examination of your outer ear, your ear canal and your eardrum. We use video otoscopy for this examination, and images of your ear are stored on your file. This means that we can look for any changes in the condition and health of your ear at a later date. It also means that you can view the inside of your ear on a computer screen, which some patients find fascinating! During this examination, our audiologists will be looking for anything unusual in your ear. If he has even a minor concern about anything seen during the examination he will refer you to your GP for further investigation.

COSI Questionnaire

The next stage of your assessment involves a discussion around the situations in which you are having difficulty hearing (if any).

This allows your audiologist to focus on finding solutions specific to your needs.

It also flags up any potential indicators for the type of hearing loss you may be suffering from.

Learn more about types of hearing loss.


Next your audiologist will undertake a series of audiological tests to determine the level at which you can hear. Click on any test to learn more about how it is conducted and what it will discover:

1. Pure Tone Audiometry
2. Bone Conduction with Masking
3. Uncomfortable Loudness Levels

After your Hearing Test

Once your audiologist has completed your hearing assessment he will provide you with a complete explanation of your results, starting with your audiogram (a graph on which your hearing is plotted during the testing). If a hearing loss is detected, your audiologist will explain the type of loss that you have, and how it is likely to affect you in day-to-day life. Understanding your hearing loss is a key part of the process so that we can discuss how to manage it going forward.

Hearing Aids

If we discover that you have a hearing loss we can discuss the possibility of hearing aids. We will show you the different types, shapes and brands and talk you through the benefits of each. As an independent hearing clinic, Regency Hearing offer all available brands of hearing aid.